Driving the Change

One of the main issues companies have to address in managing product life cycles is the lack of control over changes to the key characteristics of individual products. In extreme cases, this can lead to products being launched that do not meet all the legal requirements.
A good PLM Software system helps companies keep control over the evolution of their product features and all relevant information.

The importance of a PLM Software

Any product requires internal and third-party checks and approvals before it can reach the market.
For example, approvals from authorities, ministries or other control bodies.
But also after a product is on the market, some of its features may need to be changed - from packaging to design/composition.
These processes of introduction and change must be closely monitored and controlled.

The lack of a good PLM management system increases the risk of marketing products that differ substantially from what consumers, authorities or even the company itself expect.

Keeping control through a PLM Software 

The PLM is made up of modules that collaborate in product development.


Product Data Management (PDM)

Managing product technical features


Product Structure Management

Managing product configuration (BOM) Bill of Materials

Configuration management

Configuration Management

Managing product variants

Change management

Change Management

Managing changes to product features


Workflow Management

Managing business data-flow and operations

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Managing data exchange with suppliers


Main benefits of introducing a PLM Software


The Lean IT experience

Lean IT supports companies in the introduction of an integrated PLM system, and in the process of simplifying and optimizing pre-existing PLM systems. We provide our experience at all stages of the process, starting with the selection of the PLM Software product that best suits your business needs.

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