An extensive PLM support

The evolution of what markets offer and how they can be developed often make the IT tools available for PLM management inadequate, causing inefficiencies and a reduction in or loss of control over the many aspects that regulate the product life-cycle.

Lean IT helps companies build and improve their processes and IT systems for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) at all stages.

PLM software

Innovation management

Ideas collection and selection
New Product Development
Portfolio Overview

PLM software

Launch process

Business case analysis
Launch Planning
Authorities Dossier Management
New Product Introduction

PLM software

Product marketing

Master Data changes
Technical Changes
Packaging Data Management
Artwork Management
Regulatory changes

PLM software

End-of-Product Lifecycle

Product Elimination
Product Deregistration


Lean IT skills

We support our customers in the design, roll-out and maintenance of state-of-the-art PLM systems, which allow us to regain control over the product management process.

End-to-end support
We take care of the entire implementation process, from gathering together the requirements, to software implementation, through to production and subsequent maintenance.

We offer solutions based on existing commercial products, or we can make software solutions tailored to your needs.

Oracle Agile PLM
We have great skills across all Oracle Agile PLM product modules, and a long working experience on the product and all its complexities – we support you both on-site and in-cloud.



How we can help you

Our international team is comprised of professionals with excellent experience in developing PLM systems. Our offices are in Basel (Switzerland) and Ancona (Italy).

For more information about our services or advice on how to improve your corporate PLM systems, we will be glad to hear from youOur engineers will help you choose the perfect solution for you.

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